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Tips on Choosing a Window Cleaning Company



With time, home windows get dirty due to various things. Even if you keep your home clean, dust will eventually settle and accumulate on the windows. Most people do not have time to clean the windows due to their busy lifestyles. Sometimes, the windows may be located too high such that you cannot clean them without a ladder. When you don't have time to clean your windows, you should hire a window cleaner to help you.


There are many cleaners you can hire to clean your windows. Most of them are small companies with teams or cleaners while there are also "one man" shows. Many people venture into the business because it is simple, easy to start and comes with a low initial overhead. Given that there are many window cleaners, how can you choose the right one for the job you have? Here are some things you should consider when evaluating residential window cleaning companies.


Liability Insurance

Make sure the company has liability insurance and workman's compensation insurance. If your windows are located in high places, cleaning them can be quite risky. A cleaner can fall or injure himself when cleaning such high windows. Moreover, the people standing near the window can get hurt in case it breaks when being cleaned.


If the cleaners are injured while working at your premises and the cleaning company does not have liability insurance, you may be held liable for. It is easy to know whether a company is serious about its job; simply check whether it has liability insurance. Ask for copies of the insurance certificates before hiring the company. Visit for more details.


Experience of the Cleaners

Before hiring a window cleaning company, you should consider the experience of its team. For instance, check the number of years the company has been in business. You can have an idea of the experience of the window cleaners based on how long the company has been in business. Anyone can be a window cleaner as there are no formal qualifications required. Therefore, it can be tough to judge a cleaner's qualifications.


When choosing a cleaner, find out the extent of window cleaning jobs he or she has done in the past. It is even better if you find a cleaner that has in the past cleaned the same type of windows you have. An experienced cleaner should also know the right of tempered glass in a residential place. Other things to check include the cleaning equipment and ladder mounting skills that will prevent your home from being damaged.


You can easily find a good window cleaner in your area by searching on the Internet. You can find a good company by doing your research well. Follow the tips above to find a good window cleaning company. Click here for more details.